Greek Dances

What is a Greek dance?

Dance has always played an important role in the life of a Greek. It is an expression of human feelings and everyday life. The Greeks dance at religious festivals, ceremonies, to celebrate victories and weddings

There are two distinct categories in the traditional Greek dance; the springing/leaping dance and the shuffle/dragging dance known as sirtos; the latter being the oldest form of dance. Most dances are circle dances, start with the right foot and move counter-clockwise.

Greek Dances at Danceland Studio

Come and learn Greek & Cypriot dancing like Zeibekiko at Danceland and  have fun, keep fit and meet new people. The basic steps are as easy as 1-2-3 and you will be able to dance your way through numerous Greek celebrations even after your first class.

Our dance teacher Anita will adjust the lesson to your prior knowledge and interests. Don’t worry if this is your first-time dancing Greek style!

You will be introduced to the basic steps and combinations and be able to tune to the rhythm.

Annita Yiannakou

Annita Yiannakou is a certified professional dancer with a passion for Greek style traditional dances.

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