Lila Papadopoulou
Passion for Fitness

She loved the gym since her 15th birthday, when she accidentally decided to deal with the fact that when she was a teenage girl she was not pleased with her body.

From the first month she started she realized that this was what she wanted to do in her life !! So she set out to watch what she was eating and going to classes regularly. She liked group programs like nothing else, and she did not miss class.

This continued until the age of 18, when she already build the body she wanted, but the love for the gymnastics remained steady.


When she had to choose a profession she wanted to follow that of the fitness instructor but her parents urged her to choose her second choice because this profession is difficult and not at all stable. They also feared that if she were injured then who would teach classes afterwards; So she made a deal with her parents to finish nursery because she loved kids and then if she still wanted to follow a career in fitness and do so.

So it happened. She chose grafts Hellas and finished as a group fitness coach and personal trainer.


Afterwards, a series of seminars took place, from which high intensity cyclical workout training, resistance training and aerobic exercise: how and when combined, by the well-known Alexis Batrakoulis, metabolic resistance training for fat loss, by the American Brad Schoenfeld, beyond single foot training by the American Nick Tuminello.

She has also attended weight management seminars for the obese population from Ace America, the world’s largest fitness certification training organization.

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H.I.I.T, Abs & Legs, Functional Training

Do you want to tone your glutes, legs and target your abs? This lesson is just made for you. These exercises are sure to strengthens your thighs, abs and glutes.

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